Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Dating Supermodel Petra Nemcova

The front page of Ticket Magazine in Haiti reads: "LAURENT LAMONTHE ET PETRA NEMCOVA EMSEMBLE..."

Laurent Lamothe and Petra Nemcova - Front page of Ticket Magazine

That means "together," the Haitian prime Minister and the Czech supermodel are dating.

Me wi... Nou te panse se Haiti selman Premye Minis la tap jere? LOL... Au contraire... The Haitian prime minister is also handling the "Internal Affairs" of The Czech Republic!

Yo Go Boy....

You see... That's how you do it... Give the people something to talk about...

Ou paka chita tout lajounnen se politik... politik... politik... LOL...

Well done my friend... Well done...

Question: What do you think about this union between PM Laurent Lamothe and supermodel Petra Nemcova?

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Martina says...

Good choice Laurent! The czecho-slovakian girls are the most beautiful women of the

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Bransad says...

According to him he never married her. Just had two kids out of wedlock, that he hardly sees, since they're living in Miami.

Now, doesn't he sound like someone you would not want to have a relationship

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Maritza says...

Last I knew, the PM was married to a Hispanic woman in florida with two kids. Bad behavior

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Gabby says...


Why not Petra?

She has done a lot for young Haitian children.

Most of those Haitian women you are referring to would probably not do what she's doing for our young people even if they were

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Etienne says...

Good for him! who he does and what he does in his personal life is none of our business.

He is not the first prominent Haitian to date or eventually marry a non-Haitian citizen.

For those who ask "what is wrong with Haitian women" my answer: not a dawn thing...Haitian women marry non-Haitian men all the times.

Whatever makes the men or women happy...more power and happiness to

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Lena says...

what happend to all beautiful Haitian woman all over the world why he choose a foreing

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Kiki says...

That's his way of "venger la race"! Quoi de

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Jhoqrs says...

Fanm haitienne yo pa gen vale pou PM nan

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