Haiti Politics - President Martelly Throws a counter-punch at Aristide

SCOOP... Martelly Replies to Aristide without mentioning his name

Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble...
Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble...

Haitian president Michel Martelly replied to allegations made by former president Jean Bertrand Aristide that there is a hunger problem in Haiti and that those in power are not doing anything about it.

President Martelly "defended his record and marked his difference to Lavalas" in an exclusive interview to Scoop FM. This, according to an article, in French, from Le Nouvelliste

"Someone is pretending to attack the problem of hunger when he spent 10 years in power. This is a lie," President Martelly says without mentioning once the name Jean Bertrand Aristide

Read the article here. (in French)

Regarding Aristide's comment about LAVALAS sweeping the next elections in Haiti, Martelly says: "It is the dream of every political party or any leader."

In this pre-election season in Haiti, tension is starting to build up between the Martelly presidency and the LAVALAS party of Jean Bertrand Aristide.

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Danielle says...

HA HA HA, Aristide best leader
What a

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Jean says...

true and those who get some change to do bad thing can use that money just for a moment but the person they fighting with already have everything he

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Jean Enock says...

That is the kind of regrets all our old leaders are. And about the population, it is not something new about them. Now all Haitians know that they have a president.

So we are not going to worry about it. My president please keep doing what you are doing with your prime minister.

It was not only 10 years, it was 25 years in

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Etienne says...

It's all politics and that is what is wrong in Haiti.

Leaders and political parties in the past only do for or mention "the Haitian people" when it serves their selfish purpose.

Change is not easy and we will not see overnight results.

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Patsey says...

I have just recently returned home from time spent in Haiti.

I can't speak on what President Martelly is or is not doing about the problem of hunger in Haiti.

It is a great problem and would love to know that something is being done. As far as Martelly vs Aristide.

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Kim says...

Best leader for you but not for the Haitian people.

I don't the so-called president Haiti has now but Aristide is far worst then this one. Aristide is very bad for Haiti.

Obama, shouldn't let this dog went back to

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Gerard Charlestin says...

Everyone knows that, president Aristide is the best leader in Haiti.

His party will win the next

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