Haiti Photos: Gonaives Haiti

Take a look new , Also known as the Haitian City of Independence. Gonaives is the capital city of the Artibonite Department. I took lots of pictures while traveling through Haiti, you can see them all on

Here is a photo taken at the Gonaives City Limits, the "Welcome To Gonaives Sign"

You know... When I was a kid growing up in Haiti, I was always fascinated with the transportation buses coming to Port-au-Prince from Gonaives and Cap-Haitien... Beautifully decorated conversion school buses, each telling a story...

Here is a photo of the ... Ever been on that bus?

If you grew up in Gonaives Haiti, changes are you graduated from the , I noticed many schools on the main road.

When I visited Gonaives back in 2007, the new Police Headquarters building had just been completed. It is probably the tallest building in Gonaives...

Here is a photo of the in Downtown Gonaives Haiti.

I have to show you this... LOL...

This freaking dog was so busy scratching, it didn't even notice me... ale we pou-l ta jape-m... LOL...

Come to think of it, Dogs in Gonaives don't bark... Sak fe sa?

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Sexylove says...

i love gonaives it's a beautiful

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