Haiti Justice System - What is "détention préventive prolongée"???

Can anyone explain to me in plain English what "détention préventive prolongée" really means? I hear that term used a lot in articles that talks about the prisoners in Haiti. What is it exactly?

I know that there is a lot of complaints about prisoners in Haiti who have not been convicted of any crime.

I tried to ask somebody: "Does it mean that these people never see a judge?"

"Yes, they do see a judge, it is the judge who decides to hold them indefinitely until the trial which never comes."

Is that what this "détention préventive prolongée" is? or is it something else?

If you are an expert in the Haitian penal system, I would love a clear explaination in KREYOL or English because... "Le Francais me fait defaut :)"

So... What exactly is "détention préventive prolongée?"

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Subject: Haiti Justice System - What is "detention preventive prolongee"??? edit

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