Haiti Income Tax: Everyone MUST pay a minimum of 10,000 gourdes

The Haitian Diaspora is worried about a 10,000 gourdes income tax imposed on them by the Haitian government. It is not only the diaspora, everyone MUST pay a minimum of 10,000 gourdes income tax every year...

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti

Starting on the next Haiti fiscal year, 2017-2018, if you want to obtain a driver's license in Haiti, a passport, pay your property tax, register a vehicle etc, first you will have to pay the 10 000 gourdes impôt sur le revenu pou pi piti.

Hmmm... Makes me wonder. will the Haitian peyizan have to pay 10,000 gourdes to sell his kabrit and bèf as well???

What do you think about that?

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Rooby says...

Eske Trump kreye job ici?

moin di non se secteur prive ki bay job epi ankor se mounn ki pou vinn kreye job haiti.

So yo peur vinn haiti paske mounn pap vle vinn mete million nan on peyi apre pou moun vinn fe manifestation pou brule

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Edner says...

Kisa nou gen ak Chili?

Pou ki nou pa pale de Ayisyen kap mouri pa bann e pa paket nan st domeng

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Elise says...

Impossible no

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jahnes love sister.

That's a good question.

And too many Ayiti people who live in the U.S. and other places in the diaspora are struggling to make ends meet and survive daily life.

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Gisele says...

Sa pa di goverman anyin pou wè kòman jeune peyi a prale an grande quantité pou ale chili.

Sak fè gouvenman haitien an ak tout paket sòt pareil li yo pa kreye travray pou ampeche jeune sa yo kite peyi a?

Sa governman wè?

La charge yo tax pou governman li an ka viv pi

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Gisele says...

Do all haitians are working for haitian government like haitian consulate or haiti government did pay for visa, passport and ticket to come to work in the us. This is a way they don't want haitian to come to their country.

Personally I don't have to visit my family in haiti I will go to DR they will come to see me

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Gabriel says...

Why do Haitians who are living out side of Haiti have to pay the money too?

How can the Haitian residents and citizens afford to pay without

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Guy Lahuerre says...


Peyizan k ap viv nan peyi ya, yo pa minm ka mange.

ki travay y ap fe pou yo peyi 10 mil gourdes.

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Ell says...

They just came up with another way to make money, they're not going to use that money for the benefit of the country nor for the people.

They are a whole bunch of hungry, selfish, pathetic opportunists...all they wanna do, is look for an opportunity to make money to fatten up their pockets, while the mass is starving.

They all need to

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

La diaspora haïtienne s'inquiète d'un impôt sur le revenu de 10 000 gourdes qui leur est imposé par le gouvernement haïtien.

Ce n'est pas seulement la diaspora, tout le monde DOIT payer un minimum de 10 000 gourdes par année.

À partir du prochain exercice fiscal d'Haïti, 2017-2018, si vous souhaitez obtenir un permis de conduire en Haïti, un passeport, payer votre impôt foncier, enregistrer un véhicule, etc., d'abord vous devrez payer les 10 000 gourdes d'impôt sur le revenu, pou pi

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