Haiti Health : White Bread is BAD for your health

Most Haitians love to eat white bread everyday BUT did you know? White bread is NOT good for you. White bread is bad for your health. Read this...

Haitian Bread - Pain Haitien
Haitian Bread - Pain Haitien

White bread is LOW in fiber!

White bread is made from refined grains (what Haitains call FARINE). That means the bran, the part of the grain that contains fiber, vitamins and minerals, has been removed from the grain.

White bread raised your blood sugar level!

White bread causes a sharp spike in your blood sugar level and insulin level because the starches in the bread get broken down very quickly during digestion and it enters the bloodstream as glucose.

For all diaspora Haitians, know this: Hamburger buns, French bread, Italian bread, bagels, pizza crust, they are all white bread...

Are you one of those Haitians who just gotta have that bread and coffee everyday?

Time to stop... Really... Stop it if your health is important to you.

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