Haiti Gas Prices - Negotiations Continue

Negotiations continue around gas prices in Haiti, the government wants to seriously increase the price of fuels at the pump but the public transportation labor unions are saying otherwise.

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

On Wednesday, the government came up with a proposal to raise gasoline prices from HTG $189 gourdes to HTG $279 gourdes, Diesel from 149 gourdes to 229 and Kerosene from 148 to 223 gourdes but the labor unions rejected the proposal

See previous government proposal here.

The Haitian public transportation labor unions are fighting for a simple 10 percent increase in all 3 fuel prices instead of what the government is proposing. This would mean 20 gourdes increase on Gasoline, and 15 gourdes increase on Diesel and Kerosene.

The negotiations continue...

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Tontonbob says...

why does the government have to be involved?

What do they bring to the party?

Let the market

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