FLASH... Haiti - Flooding (Inondation) in Cap-Haitien - News coming via Social Media

BREAKING NEWS - Inondation au Cap Haitien -- Minutes ago, news started to pour in via the Haitian social media networks the the City of Cap Haiti is flooded... We don't know yet how bad it is but photo shared on Social media are showing lots of water in the streets of Cap Haitien...

PHOTO: Haiti - Inondation au Cap-Haitien

S.O.S! la ville du Cap-Haitien est inondée... Se sa CentreÉvangélisation ‏@CEMES7 poste sou Twitter jounen Mardi 4 Novenmbre 2014 la...

Call your family and friends in Cap Haitien, make sure they are OK...

Stay tuned, we we will keep you posted about the current situation in Cap Haitien.

Kisa-w tande? kisa-w konnen? What do you know?

Men kek photo situation an nan Cap Haitien... Gade...

PHOTO: Haiti - Kantin Mobil yo kite Potoprens pou ale Cap-Haitien
PHOTO: Haiti - Flooding in Cap Haitien - Flood victims in line for government assistance...
PHOTO: Haiti - Aerial View of Cap Haitien Flooding
PHOTO: Haitian Goverment officials on a Helicopter bound for Cap Haitien
PHOTO: Haiti - Camion EDEPEP la nan wout pou Cap Haitien ki anba dlo
PHOTO: Cap Haitien Haiti Flooded, one man tries to save his belongings

If you are in Cap Haitien, post your photos on Twitter, add the hash tag #fouyehaiti

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Haitien Sou Facebook says...

Men kisa yon moun poste sou Facebook sou zafè Inondation nan Cap Haitien Jounen Mardi 4 Novanm 2014 la:

"ALO ALO ALO Map mande sekou a otorite yo paske okap inonde ak dlo. Tout moun kanpe sou depye yo yap rele anmweyy.

E lapli a pa rete tonbe...

Kont facebook la se: Artis-Diwens Anbyans Tètdwat

Pou plis detay li di, kontakte nou @ 48562233

Mwen swete gen otorite ki jwen mesaj

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Subject: FLASH... Haiti - Flooding (Inondation) in Cap-Haitien - News coming via Social Media edit

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