Haiti's organic Rum, Clairin, is quickly becoming the new "IT" in the American Market

If you thought drinking Clairin in Haiti is a thing that only poor people do, think again... The same bottle of Clairin that cost a few hundred gourdes in Haiti is now selling in the United States of America as "Organic Rum" at USD $40 a bottle!

Clairin Haiti - Clairin, Distilled Spirit of Haiti
Clairin Haiti - Clairin, Distilled Spirit of Haiti

I read the first article about an imported organic rum from Haiti and I ignored it.

Recently, I stumbled onto another brand of "clairin" being imported into to the United States with the fancy label "Organic Rum" and it is selling at USD $40 a bottle.

Yes... Clairin is in fact organic in every sense of the word.

I used to call it "Haitian moonshine" but NOT anymore!

Clairin is the one thing we stole from the French when we were slaves of the old colony. Keep in mind, Haiti was just a big sugarcane farm owned by France back in the slavery days.

The Haitian slaves learned how to turn that sugar cane into their own special brand of rum they call "Clairin." It looks like America is catching up to this hidden Haitian treasure.

It wont take long before the price to Clairin goes up in Haiti, just like Diri Shela... LOL...

Depi plan pran achte l, pri a pwal monte!

M'ale papa!

What do you think about that?

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Phillip A Manning says...

OH! Yeah! ...

please share to my account at Facebook.com ...

mister manning ...

you can find it...

if you try ...

I might be able to do it one day! ...

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sa sé yon bon idé!

Pou kléren an oswa rum nan vini pi organik, sé pou konpayi yo mété pwazon organik ki tap touyé moun an Ayiti ak sen Domeng ladan yo.

Sak désan tansyon: sé twop sèl, magi, stress, tafya, oswa alkol ki konpozé de klérin, rum, wisky, vodka, byè, poul plastik, espageti plastik, pwason plastik, diri plastik, blé plastik, zé plastik, vyan plastik, dlo plastik, chou plastik, bonbon kaka, gato kaka, ponmkèt kaka, ak tout lot salopri manjé konpayi yo fè épi mété yo nan bwat bay moun manjé, coke organik, coka cola organik, sprit organik etc..

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Subject: Haiti's organic Rum, Clairin, is quickly becoming the new "IT" in the American Market edit

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