Haiti Ends Ban on Imported Dominican Poultry, Eggs

The Dominican Republic says Haiti has lifted a ban on imports of Dominican poultry and eggs... The first person I mentioned that to asked me: POUKISA?

I don't know, I replied...

Then she asked me: "What is Haiti getting in return?"

Again I said: I don't know... The article didn't say...

If you happen to know the answer to these 2 questions perhaps you can share them with me... I'm going for a little walk... :)

What do you know?

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Ricart "What is Haiti getting in return?" 1. You get to purchase much needed products to feed your population of 10 millions, without import costs and... see more
Reply · January 22 at 12:43 AM
Winer se rumeur moun ap kouri gouverneman pa bay okin lorde pour poule ak ze rentre nan peyi ya mezanmi se manti pa gen bagay konsa pyes.
Reply · January 17 at 5:45 PM
Maryse Parol serieux genler Haitiens ki rete en haiti yo, ki poko mouri yo, sa ki en charge payi a, genler c ou bann san wont yo ye. e bien dominicains fek... see more
Reply · January 17 at 6:58 AM

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Subject: Haiti Ends Ban on Imported Dominican Poultry, Eggs edit

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