Haiti Elections 2011 - More than 70 Political Parties Registered

The upcoming Haiti presidential election is scheduled for November 28, 2010 and, so far, some 70 political parties and coalitions have already registered for the national election.

Haiti Elections 2011

99 seats are up for grabs in Haiti's Chamber of Deputies...

One third of Haiti's Senate seats are also up for grabs in this year's elections...

And then... There's the jackpot...

Who will replace President Preval?

As long as I have been alive, Haitian politics have always been a politic of Cite Soleil, Bel Air, and Raboteau, with puppet masters at the helm exchanging food for dirty favors.

I think we all know now that if the boat sinks, we all die.

I think we all know now that it's all a photo-op, no one is coming, we have to save ourselves.

I think we all know now that we will only better when Haiti gets better.

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Wadson Estime says...

man you the best that was what i was thinking sweet mickey is a joke and he cant run he will make it even wors than it is right now ihope no one votes for him he has no experience please go!!!!!! dont let him be president we are your

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Jean says...

Let's see what is going to happen.That will probably put an end to the traditional corupted haitian

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Guy Lemon says...

some body please tell me that sweet mickey is joking about being president of Haiti.

Also the other day I watched on T.V an interview that Michel Pras gave to a CNN reporter where he publicly endorsed sweeet mickey as the best candidate in Haiti.

some body, please tell that guy to get a reality check, if he does not know Sweet Mickey, please be informed about this guy before you go on T.V advocating for this guy. first of all Sweet Mickey has no ethic, he has no political career as well as Wyclef, and during Cedras reign of terror in Haiti Sweet Mickey was allied with the notorious Michel Francois, Toto Constant and the FRAHP gang. The same that was terrorizing the Haitian people at this time. He was enjoying the free ride that they gave him, by importing rice for them in the country.

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Buzz says...

What a joke, sweet micky and Wyclef both, ah ah, ah...ok, let them both be president and they will put their heads together and play music 24/7 for the haitian people and then we will all be satisfied." bayo mange, bayo plaisir, bayo baton epuis couer tout moun contan".

These guys are musicians not politicians, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed their musics but politic is way out of their leagues..

The love the haitian people have for them will disappear in a heart beat if either one ofthem get elected and can't deliver what they

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Vladimir says...

i dnt like talk 2 much and thinking just give me Wyclef for Haiti President dats all.and tell sweet Miky stop

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Miggy says...

I like sweet Micky.

I kind of have an emotional connection to him through his music which reminds me of my childhood in Haiti.

I don't know about him being the President, because he has a lot of connection with the old politicians in Haiti.

I've even heard the he is from an ELITE MULATOE FAMILY which controls part of the wealth in Haiti.

It is true?

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Rza says...

I am pretty sure, its a joke that Sweet Micky is running to be the President of Haiti...

Sweet Micky remind me of Al Sharpton a Clown who is trying to get into the spotlight and disappeared when the roads get tough...

I will rather vote for Wyclef Jean if i had the opportunity to do so, he seem more serious plus with his U.S connection he might be able to sell the Haitian people half of the U.S dream that we all haitian dream off that one day Haiti will be Haiti again and

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Choublak says...

Bondie sel ka di yon

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Tomy says...

I heard that too, sweet mikey is (candidat) i mean are you serious, is this some kind of

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Monique Dessources says...

I just heard, from radio metropole that Sweet Micky is one of the candidates in

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