Haiti earthquake and relief efforts - Day 2 Update

I have been working all day to gather information about the Haiti earthquake and relief efforts going on in Haiti.

Haiti911 - Website for Haiti Relief Efforts

I don't know if you are up to date with all the news and updates about the disaster in Haiti so let me give you some highlights:

There is much more information available on www.Haiti911.com browse through the site to see who or what you have the answer to.

I am about to take a break and I need each and everyone of you to keep the information flowing

Thank you Leo B. and his wife, they were one the phone with UPS all day to verify this rummor about UPS being willing to deliver stuff in Haiti for free info on the site.

Mezanmi, nan moman-an, se konbit n-ap fe, mwen fe pati pa-m nam , fe pati pa nou, Donate to the RED cross, donate to Yele Haiti, Donate to the Salvation army, our people need food and water and we MUST donate to the organizations that are already on the ground helping.

Let us worry about the other stuff later, for right now, it is a SEARCH and RESCUE operation

Get info and POST info at www.Haiti911.com


N'a pale pita

Woodring Saint Preux

Your humble servant

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