Haiti Donations - Japan Donates 6,727 metric tons of rice to Haiti

Haiti has just received a LARGE donation in the form or rice bags from Japan... 6,727 metric tons of rice, an estimated 223,347 bags or rice was officially received by Haiti from the government of Japan Friday...

PHOTO: Haitian man taking a nap with a bag of rice under his head

This rice donation is estimated at USD $3.9 million US... Japan diplomat Yoshiaki Hatta said he strongly hope that this rice is transported as quickly as possible to the vulnerable population that is struck by food insecurity...

Hmmm... What do you think about that?

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Pearl Johnson says...

I don't think donating radioactive rice (remember Fukushima, anyone?

It's still sizzling over there with RICE being plabyed in fields not far from the disaster site) to an already crippled nation is

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Tommy Abdul Antoine says...

Sa montre ke nou paka pran swen tet nou, oui nap di mesi ak lot peyi ki ede'n men nou pa janm esye leve kanpe pou nou avanse, se egare nou ye espesialment pou grev la kap fet kounye a, pa gen bon reson pou sa, Ayitien leve tet

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Andre says...

Premye bravo ak yon gro mesi pou jes la.
Mwen toujou konnen se sel peyi ki vle ede ayiti.

Se: Taiwan Japan Cuba Venezuela San problem San Tet femal.

Paske nasyon sa yo konn enpotan ayisyen anpil.

Mwen swete gouvenman bay manje a ak pep la ki nan grangou a. Ki nan bezwen an. Epi pou lavi miyo pou yo pou 2, 3

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Tonton Michel says...

Beautiful gesture from Japan.

But it highlights Haiti's inability to feed

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Nancie Amina says...

You all know exactly what will happen...

Everything will end up in the hands of the elites, will sell them to the local businesses and then, that is when it will be distributed to them! ( BUYING

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