The Danger in Haiti is Very Overplayed, says celebrity chef Mario Batali

American celebrity chef Mario Batali tweets: "Haiti.. Wow.!!!!!!! Massive business potential !!!" during his first time visit to Haiti with Bill Clinton yesterday.

Mario Batali and Bill Clinton in Haiti
Mario Batali and Bill Clinton in Haiti

According to the associated press, Batali seems to think that the travel warnings scaring potential investors away from Haiti is overrated.

Batali says: "The danger is in my opinion very overplayed."

As car as the potential for business, Batali says: "I could see using their coffee. I could see using their mangoes. I could see using their rum. I could see using just about everything we've bumped into."

You know, Batali is right, there is massive business potential in Haiti. Come to Haiti and see for yourself.

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Cathy says...

It's even better nowadays to open business in Haiti because the potentilas are there.

I move back to my country, I opened a school in 2007 2 years after a multi service 1 year after a trucking biz and now a chicken farming.

Come see for yourself go to the country sides visit Haiti and you will fall in love.Come on down!! Welcome to Haiti

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Haiti Tours says...

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Kalito Coupe says...

Thank's for it GOD bless

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Mathom says...

That is the reason, i am opening a business in Haiti.

It call
BY THE SEA RESORT in Petit-Goave Grand opening is in August

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Ysaac says...

Finally, you have a positive thinker .I hope they build some thing that will creates work for the lower

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