Haiti Business - Haiti moving further away from ever becoming investment grade

Haiti's foreign direct investment and financing prospects look grim, moving further away from ever becoming investment grade, David Jessop, a consultant for think tank the Caribbean Council, said.

Haiti Open For Business

Investment Grade - noun, a level of credit rating for stocks regarded as carrying a minimal risk to investors.

"They will have to show 2-3 years of stability and statistics that indicate reliable economic growth," to achieve investment-grade status, he says. "But the problem is, it's very difficult to know what's really going on in Haiti," according ot an article posted on gfmag.com

These comments were made in the after math of protests Haiti as politicians attempt again and again to push the back of President Jovenel Moise from power with hidden hands financing these protests for their own political and economic gain.

This is really what is going on Haiti and what the news media is not investigating and reporting.

The economic situation was already bad, now it's worse.

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David Grant says...

Everyone knows what is protest and the reasons behind them.
however is protesting against its government, there must be clair reason why the protest is taking place,
In Hait, while the protest is s in progres, the protestors carry their placards that says one things and, while the are interviewed by the Journalists, their utterance contradict thier the plackars.This shows that they dont an inkling of what they are trying to ventilat, All the know is just violence and the overthrowing of the legal administration.

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Yanick says...

Tariff law needs to be a change.

We are the only country not apart of any good because of those miserable people that have no life creating

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