Haiti Airport Passengers miss their Flights due to gasoline strike Monday...

Port-au-Prince Haiti - Many airline passengers are stuck at the Haiti International Airport; they missed their flights out of Haiti Monday morning due to a gasoline strike in motion crippling public transportation...

KREYOL: Haiti - Anpil passagers Aeroport Toussaint Louverture pèdi vòl yo... Avion ake kite yo akoz yo pat ka rive a lè akoz grev gazoline ki kokobe transport piblik la... Kisa-w panse de sa?

One airline passenger told a Haiti radio news reporter he had to get on a Taxi Moto from Arcahaie to Port-au-Prince to get to the airport... He missed his flight anyway.

The road to get to Port-au-Prince is blocked, the airline passenger said. He missed his flight and is now stuck at the airport unable to go back home...

Some flights were delayed in an attempt to wait for passengers, one news reporter said.

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Proud To Be Haitian Some flights were late an attempt to wait for passengers? Really! That is a big lie especially from American Airlines crew. If they were late... see more
Reply · March 20 at 4:40 AM
Mike Stallone Sylvestre I kindly the government to learn pretty well the situation of haiti. In haiti as others countries the government have to assume a part of public... see more
Reply · February 09 at 12:11 PM

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