FLASH!!! - The Diarrhea outbreak in Haiti is along the Artibonite River.

The Death toll in Haiti is rising and hundreds are hospitalized... It's all happening along the Artibonite River in Haiti. The BBC is calling it a Deadly sickness, a fatal outbreak. AFP says at least 50 people are already dead and hundreds are hospitalized.

Is there something in the Artibonite river water?

Nobody knows as of yet!

Here is what we know so far:

Doctor Arial Henry, Chief of Staff of the Haiti Ministry of Health, told Agence France Press: "We have registered 51 or 52 deaths along the Artibonite river which crosses the centre and north of the country"

Here is the worse case scenario...

The Artibonite river is the longerst river in Haiti (see full river map here)

The river funs from Peligre, through Mirebalais, La Chappelle, Verrettes, the Bas Artibonite region, Liancourt, Pond Sonde, all the way out to Grande Saline, between St, Marc and Gonaives.

If there is something in the water, God help us!

If the river is the culprit, then the worse is yet to come. Unless somehow a medical alert is issued to the countryside of Haiti

Stay tuned!

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Haiti News says...

Candidate Charlito Baker just reported to a Haiti radio station that Verettes and Pond Sonde is affected by the Diarrhea Outbreak

Baker says, he had to stop to take people to the Hospital.

Some witnessed people dying before they even got to the

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Subject: FLASH!!! - The Diarrhea outbreak in Haiti is along the Artibonite River. edit

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