FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Pillage of a gas pump in Delmas 83

Breaking News... A Total gas station at Delmas 83 in Port-au-Prince was pillaged Monday afternoon after protesters took to the streets asking President Jovenel Moise to step down.

Breaking News From Haiti
Breaking News From Haiti

According to news reports, the protesters broke in to an business area at the gas pump and ransacked the place.

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Yanick says...

The people that are calling the president a liar do they speak the truth for the country or themselves.

Everyone that comes into office is a liar as soon the money comes into the hand of all cabinet members.

Today I saw the riot on google and of course, not one person speaking have any education or know they are being played for a fool

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Nadege Paris says...

The thing I feel frustrated about the protesters why burning the gas station the market that make things worst...

They have the right to protest cause everyone who work in the Haitian government all they do is stealing the country's money and let the people suffer buy expensive cars built expensive houses buy expensive houses in the United States, meanwhile the people of Haiti have no food no clean water no hospitals, no Jobs everyone who work in the government they have a visa to the United States when they sick to come for check up....

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Elie says...

Jovenel has to go
He is a liar he cant do anything so please he has

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Pillage of a gas pump in Delmas 83 edit

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