FLASH: Haiti Immigration - Canada Suspends Decision for Deportation of Haitians

Haiti Immigration Update -- Haitian Immigrants in Canada who feared being deported back to Haiti can now rest easy... The Trudeau government has decided NOT to deport Haitian and Zimbabwean nationals back to their homeland...

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians

John McCallum, The federal Immigration Minister, confirmed the decision of the government at the House of Commons, according to a Canada online newspaper...

According to a preview government decision, 3500 people were inline to be deported back to Haiti and Zimbabwe, The new government decided to hold off on the decision, giving it some time to study their cases.

This is good news... Some of our Haitain compatriots in Canada, can relax for a little bit...

What do you think about that?

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Nollie Loe says...

About Amadou Diiallo and the newly- promoted NYPD cop. Does the American Police know how to use tasers or plastic bullets at all?

One of the cops accused of firing 40 deadly rounds at Diiallo has been promoted Sergeant.

I hope Haiti suspends all flights between the U.S. and Port-au-Prince.

Those who wish to travel from the U.S. to Haiti will have to board Mexican or Republic-Dominican

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Jay says...

Ou deklre byen kle ke ou se yon ipokrit .paske labib di soufri ak moun kap spoufri partage pe n n yo ak yo. remin moun ki bokotew min m jan ou rinmin tet ou.ou ta renem pou lougarou mange w, ou ta vle yo depote w?

Tout sa ou pa ta vle rive w pa anvil pou yon lot san sa lamou Bondye a pa nan ou ou songe kijan Jezi te rele farizyen ban ipokrit le yo tal plede di jezi fe gerizon nan jou saba a songe byen jezi pap vinn n cheche religion lap vin n cheche Chretyen moun ki fe volonte

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen pa di blan an ni kenbé yo ni dépòté yo,

Men si sé pou mwen Gouvernman Canadien té mèt mété yo déyò a koute pyé, sal ya chaché nan péyi moun yo san papyé.

Dépi sé moun ki méprizé sabbat l'Éternel la sou prétèks ké la lwa aboli ( Exode 20: 3-17), dépi sé moun kap pasé anba fil pou al nan lòt péyi moun, dépi sé moun kap pran kantè pou al nan péyi moun, dépi sé moun kap pran ti bout viza pou al kaché nan péyi moun san papyé, mwen konsidéré moun sa yo kòm yon pakèt lache.

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Immigration - Canada Suspends Decision for Deportation of Haitians edit

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