FACT: Western policies have been punishing Haiti for winning its independence

Is Haiti still being punished for winning its independence? Some experts thinks so... Read this...

PHOTO: Haiti Real Live NEG MAWON on Stage at CARIFESTA XII

Barrymore Bogues, professor of Africana Studies and director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University says:

"The problem was not politics or commerce. The central issue was the not to have the specter of blacks ruling themselves. The fragile example of ex-slaves ruling themselves, the Western powers had to make sure it failed."

You should read this article: "Haiti's history: Western powers would not let experiment of ex-slave rule succeed"

First black independent country in the world and you think, just like that, we're going to get up and go and and progress and develop without any roadblocks?

Come on!

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Paul Szostak says...

cant keep blaming u.s. and other nations worst problem in haiti is unaccountable politicians for years.

They punish the country the most. However you dont hear much about how france took all the money in so called payment for haiti freedom.

The french should give all that money back to haiti since their government is supposedly so tolerant and the u.s.is so

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Paul Dja says...

Friend maybe,

You read me a lot, a lot of

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Subject: FACT: Western policies have been punishing Haiti for winning its independence edit

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