Every Haitian Is From Port-au-Prince, Potoprens Kraze, Now What?

Food For Thought - My father said this to me a long time ago and I wanted to share it with you today:

"Abitan voye pitit li lekol potoprens pou-l ka aprann, pou-l retounen vinn sevi kominote-l.

Pitit rive potoprens, li rete potoprens, li pa janm tounen kote-l soti-a.

Se sak fe tout moun se moun potoprens, Haiti tounen 'Repiblik de Potoprens' "


The Haitian country man sends his sons and daughters to Port-au-Prince to learn, to return, and to serve their community.

When they arrive in Port-au-Prince, they stay in Port-au-Prince, and they never return home to serve their community.

That's why every Haitian is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti became 'The Republic of Port-au-Pince'.


Potoprens Kraze.. men Haiti la pi red!

Go home kid...

It's time to give back to your community.

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Marie says...


parol la

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Was Poppen says...

konnye a nou tout se moun haiti afe mit ki te genyen neg potoprens toujou ap di neg provens se neg andeyo ti mantalite sa dwe fini le pays est haiti nou tout se moun ayiti paske nou tou pran kou, konnye nou tout pou met men se pa blan an pou deside pou nou paaske n se yon pep lib et libe nou kafel si nou vle, si nou renmen, si nou

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

"oui, je reviens de mon pays haiti, ou j'ai pu constatez"potoprens-kraze, la desolation est partout suite au seisme j'ai perdu mon epouse mon bien le plus precieux, mere de mes enfants, elle etait le centre de graviter de mon existance...amen pour ma femme marlita julien zebo

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Miggy says...

What a beautiful to be from province (Countryside), where the water is crystal clear and clean.

Many old but amazing trees like coconut, grapefruits, avocados, plantain, corosol, cachimans and many more.

If you are really from the province and trying hard to hide it. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Sonia says...

I was born in Port-au-Prince, where is my home now?

Where do you want me to sleep with my family?

We can't even start to built.

Before you say something like that, think first.Most of us want to go home but to

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Garry says...

This old Marie Antonette idea didn't work for France now we can all see it. Pa gain afe mou'n morne ou mou'n lavil, everyone is striving to make a living; specially in Haiti.

New York city is not USA
So as he said go back home and ale plante vi'w ap mieux.

Gin lecol cote'w soti'a. Ou capab vini ou philosophe avec ou gros jardin ki fe ou quatre fois pi prospere et plus

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Youselinepierresimon says...



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Carmen Amparo Quinones says...

Everything is very interesting, thanks for the valuable information.

I am concerned about the Haitian people,
specially children and elderly.

I would like to know if "Metropole Radio"
building was affected by the earthquake, I see many photos but they do not say what place

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Marc Monestime576755 says...

what you say there is a little truth in it. But it is not the country men who are responsible of stealing the international funds.

The plans have always been made in Pot-au-prince.

Every haitian knows Port-au-princians are born to be gansters.

Ils ne veulent pas la decentralisation de sorte qu'ils peuvent faire des

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