Elevated Roads Are Coming Haiti

Imagine driving over 'Kafou Aeroport' in Delmas Haiti... Imagine no more... In the very near future, Haitian motorists may be driving OVER some of the most congested intersections in Port-au-Prince.

An Eleveted Road In Santiago, Domincan Republic
An Eleveted Road In Santiago, Domincan Republic

The Haiti Ministry of Public Works (MTPTC) announced their plan to build elevated roads starting in these two strategic locations:

1) Kafou Aeroport, a very busy and overcrowded intersection joining Route de Delmas with Boulevard Toussaint Louverture (the road that leads to Port-au-Prince International Airport) and Avenue Martin Luther King. Kafou Aeroport is possibly the biggest bottleneck on Route de Delmas.

2) Bizoton, en route to Carrefour in the area where the Haitian Coast Guard headquarters (Gardes Cotes d'Haiti) is located. This is one of the most congested stretch of road for motorists going to Carrefour and the entire southern peninsula of Haiti from its capital Port-au-Prince.

The project is scheduled to begin this month of April.

What do you think about this?

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Rochetabeauvais says...

i hope on day my haiti gona be ok there gona be have grait securty have childrel in the strees peaple working have place love my

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Jean Claude says...

this a very great and huge project for the Haitian government.

I am optimistic that this will happen in the name of Jesus.

Time for us to light up our light in the dark.

all the best cher Minister.

May God be with

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Justine says...

oh my God this it's really good no more

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John says...


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Jean Rhau says...

Wow, it is time for Haiti to catch up to the rest of the world community.This is great news for all who love Haiti.Now, someone will be able to move freely without people, merchants, animals, charriots etc crossing one's way...Praise the

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Miejo says...

mwen menm mwen bouke ak rout mwen ta renmen bato kap menen mwen jakmel, okap, Jeremy o kay poum chita byen a lez, mwen fet nan yon zil, lanme se de lwen mwen we sa, mwen pa kon naje, avan mwen fenn gwanmoun mwen kontan anpil, JENN PEZIDAN NOU AN AK JENN GOUVENMAN SA AP VANSE TOUT BON, EDIKE PITIT NOU YO POU YO KA VINI KONTINYE, BON TWAVAY MICHEL MARTELLY AK BEL EKIP LI YA AP FE NAN PEYI YA, AYIBOBO, VIV HAITI POU YOU AVNI PI

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Gerald Jean says...

I always wondered why this never happened before.

All it takes, besides a good integrated planification, plan study, etc...

is, in his execution, the setting of prefabricated pre stressed concrete elements, and it's done. The only problem to it is we are not used to pre stressing method, procedure, or methodology, but in Haiti we know about this theory for so long. You cannot go over long spans over 10 m and more without this. Just reinforced concrete wont do, would be too costly, and ugly. But all we have to do is getting used to

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Mr Ledarp says...

Infrastructure is the key, Numero Uno, to any sustainable development.

We have been scrawling all along, it is time to stand up and walk. Port au Prince needs more overpass road. I do applaud the

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Dave Louis says...

While we are welcoming this great news for our beloved Haiti, we must keep our eyes opened so these projects can be finished.

You know that in Haiti, things get started and never finish.

So again good job and may God continue to bless is beloved Island

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Samuel Frederique says...

I'm looking foward to the improvement of Carrefour road it's long over

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