Egg Smuggling into Haiti by Boat - A Risky Business

Malpasse Haiti - People are now smuggling EGGS into Haiti from the Dominican republic by boat using small fishing boats (bwa fouye) to cross Lac Azeui.

Étang Saumâtre, also known as Lac Azeui, is the largest lake in Haiti. and runs along the Malpasse-Jimani border of Haiti and the dominican republic. Since early June, There has been a ban on the importation of eggs and chicken from DR into Haiti.

A Small Fishing Boat in Haiti

So, these days, the Lake is being used as the new illegal route of egg importation into Haiti from the neighboring Dominican Republic.

I certainly hope that this practice does not resort to loss of life.

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Arcene Alsindor says...

Haiti leader admits he lied to ban Dominican poultry


Michell Martelly, Danilo Medina, Pierre-Ricard Casimir.

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Santiago, Dom. Rep.- President Danilo Medina revealed Sunday that his Haitian counterpart admitted that Dominican Republic's poultry products are of good quality and that economics was behind Port-au-Prince's ban.

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Hunseul Dorvil says...

Donc pensent bien que Haiti et la Republique Dominicain son deux pays, qu'il as besoins amie sant probleme la realite les deux, dit HAITI et la Republique Dominicain c'est la meme chose devant le

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Agent-x says...

Those clandestine Eggs transportation cannot be done effectively without the duplicity of the Haitian authorities.

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