Earthquake 50 Miles From Cap Haitien, People Die Still

Cap Haitien, Haiti - A house has collapsed in Cap-Haitien Haiti last night due to an earthquake aftershock. The strange thing is this earthquake did not hit Haiti directly.

Earthquake in Cap Haitien

Every time the earth shakes, a house comes crashing down in Haiti. It is not the earthquake that is killing people in Haiti, It's "Bos Gerard"

Let me Explain...

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook Cuba on Saturday evening because the Earthquake epicenter was closer to Cuba than Haiti.

The earthquake was centered about 27 miles south-southwest of Guantanamo Cuba according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

There are no reported damages in Cuba.

How far is Cuba from Haiti?

Roughly 90 miles of water separates the southern tip of Cuba and Northern Haiti. That means the epicenter of the earthquake was probably some 50 miles from Cap Haitien Haiti.

Our Laissez-Faire building codes in Haiti is catching up with us!

SOLID has a new meaning in Haiti now. For decades we have been building houses in Haiti with virtually no strict building codes.

Everyone is an expert builder in Haiti depi li gen yon tiwel, yon met, ak yon mato nan men li. Jodi-a li bati yon kay tash, demen li bati yon kay 5 etaj...

Moun ap mouri adwat agosh an Haiti epi nou di se tranbleman de te... se pa tranbleman de te... se pwop awogans nou k-ap tiye nou...

Nou fet twop amate konfians ak lavi nou...

"Bos Gerard" has been building houses in Haiti like the three little pigs...

Now that we know that somewhere in Haiti, a house will come crashing down, even when the earth shakes some 50 miles off our shore, this is adding even more fears in the hearts of the millions of Haitians who are sleeping under tons and tons of concrete inside the house that "Bos Gerard" built.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the families of the people in Cap Haitien who lost their lives due to the earthquake last night.

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Dadisson says...

the government in haiti only govern for themself and they family the government packing all the aids money splitted between themself to buy beautiful house in santo domingo or in miami the international aids should take a look at the people how run the government in

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Mathilde S. says...

Oh God, That has to be stopped, our people can't take it no more. The biggest problem is that we haitians do not learn from our lessons.

We need to know how to make decisions based on our history.

This is not the first time cap haitien is having earthquake.

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