The Dominicans use their military forces in a way that Haitian authorities can copy from if they really want to improve security in the country

The Guardians of Haitian National sovereignty can learn a lot from our neighbors, the Dominicans, in the way they use their military personnel. One way in particular I would like to share with you today.

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti
The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti

We all know the Dominican Republic is not building an army to start a war with anybody. I would say a war with Haiti maybe but we don't even have an army.

With close to 44,000 active-duty personnel in the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic , how do they use that force to keep their country safe from domestic terrorists that Haiti has so many of these days?

We called them "bandits" and politicians called some of them "militants" but that's what they are, domestic terrorists. Some are armed with weapons, others are armed with tires that they are willing to burn and any hated street corner or fair price. They are domestic terrorists, though we refuse to call them that, since all they do is spread terror in the country. But that's another story.

Did you know that approximately 60 percent of the active-duty personnel of the Dominican armed forces are used to provide security for non-military government-owned facilities like Banks, toll booth and other places in areas that the government needs to keep safe and secure.

Dominican Soldiers - the Armed Forces of Dominican Republic have about 44,000 active-duty personnel and they have work to do compared to Haiti

The Haitian government could have used the Haitian military to guard the National Banks in Haiti (BNC, BRH).

Outside these banks have become a source of insecurityin Haiti where people got held up right after thjey come out of the Bank. The presence off the Haitian military in these areas would deter would-be thieves from hanging around.

The Haitian the Dominicans use the military to guard major arteries on their roads. The military in the Dominican Republic is also used for various road checkpoints across the country in conjunction with customs agents and immigration officials.

If you've been to the Dominican Republic at all crossing the border from Haiti to go the Dominican Capital, Santo Domingo, you will notice that every checkpoint you go through is a military checkpoint, not some abandonned police car with two policemen in it Haitians authorities call a "point fixte," (fixed points).

In the Dominican Republic, the military guard this fixed points in strategic locations. They become military posts where you have no choice but to stop as you pass in front them and there is no other way around it.

Because it is guarded by the military, that limits confrontations custom agents would have to do their jobs and also limits confrontations immigration officials what would have also to do their jobs. If you try to be a hero and prevent Customs agents in immigration from doing the job, the military will stop you.

In Haiti, in that case, you often have heavily-armed policeman doing the jobs of customs agents. Copying the Dominicans in that case would free these police officers so they can go back to doing their jobs which is policing the people. Not the same as securing our borders and fighting illegal merchants trying to bring contrabands across the border.

In Haiti, the police is spread thin doing the job of the military, border protection, customs and police work.

You can literally go from north to south in Haiti without going through a single checkpoint. This is why the bad guys, bend it as we called them, can do whatever they want because the idea of because the physical body that is supposed to ensure that there is Law & Order is non-existent in the country.

Just like the Haitian National Police Force in Haiti you will find La Policia Nacional in the Dominican Republic but they have not been tasked with the job of protecting the border and certainly not fighting crime along the main roads of the Dominican Republic.

Checkpoints outside the city limits is a military affair.

I am not an expert nor do I pretend to be but our country needs so many things fixed right now. It is time for us Haitians to start sharing ideas and to pick which country we going to copy, in what aspects and why, in order to get Haiti out of where it's at right now.

Because, where Haiti is right now, let's be honest, it sucks!

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Subject: The Dominicans use their military forces in a way that Haitian authorities can copy from if they really want to improve security in the country edit

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