Dominican Republic-Haiti Border Violence at Malpasse, Haitian Policeman Assaulted

PHOTO - Tension at Malpasse Haiti-Dominican Border Jimani
A Haitian police man was assaulted on the Haiti-Dominican border at Malpasse a few days ago after he asked a Haitian student not to pay 2000 pesos to Dominican bucon... What followed was pure violence towards the Police officer...

KREYOL: Malpasse Haiti - Boukon Dominicain ak CESFRONT blese yon policier Haitien sou Fontye a... Guard CESFRONT la flanke misye yon kout koss fizi poutet li tap defann yon etudiant pou li pa peye 2000 pesos... Ou tande koze?

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According to news reports, a Bucon, Dominicans who make their money on the border harassing travelers for money, assaulted the police officer who went across the border to accompany immigration officers to accommodate a group of immigrants who was being sent back to Haiti.

A CESFRONT Dominican soldier on the scene also violently struck the Haitian police officer in the back with the butt of his rifle.

What followed was an episode of rock throwing, bottle throwing, gun shots etc...

The injured Haitian police officer was rushed to the hospital in Fonds Parisien.

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Subject: Dominican Republic-Haiti Border Violence at Malpasse, Haitian Policeman Assaulted edit

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