Dominican Nurse Fired because her parents were from Haiti

Anne Dimanche Saintil was born in the Dominican Republic, earned her nursing degree there and worked at a hospital in the capital, Santo Domingo. Then she was fired, because her parents were from Haiti.

Soy Dominicano
Soy Dominicano

KREYOL: Yon infirmière Dominicaine revoke nan job li paske paran li se Haitien... Kisa ou panse de sa?

Dimanche is among as many as 110,000 people living in the Dominican Republic without any legal status after the government, following a Supreme Court decision, began denying citizenship to Dominican-born children of undocumented immigrants, almost all of whom came from neighboring Haiti. She said she lacks official paperwork on her birth because she was born at home, and now fears she'll be deported to Haiti, a country she doesn't know.

"You're living in the place that's your home, where you grew up, but it's like you are a foreigner," the 27-year-old Dimanche said. "I don't know what my future is here."

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Ricart says...

"But, for the argument...unify it to become another Haiti?"

Exactly, if Haiti and DR had remained unified, the whole island would be now deforested, illiterate, and drowned in abject

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Rd1 says...

She was not fire because of her parents being from Haiti.

She is not Dominican according to the law. What's wrong with that. The same will happen in Spain and many, many other places.

Unify the Island?

In your dreams.

You will have to kill each and all Dominicans.

Know the history.

But, for the argument...unify it to become another Haiti?


Start by being

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Ricart says...

The only nonsense here is your delusion, where you think Haiti can build an army overnight and fight the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic has been preparing itself military for many years in anticipation of a Haitian invasion.

DR's air-force alone could launch a devastating aerial assault on Port-Au-Prince that would make the Haitian government capitulate in a matter of days (if not

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Ricart says...


Unify Hispaniola?

Wage war against Dominican Republic?

Dominican's Airforces will be waiting.

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E says...

That is Non- sense.

They doing crazy things they want to start a war. They need peace talk and find solution to those issues.

Before it spread to other Caribbean

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Josie says...

Tout tan nap brwal nan bouda Dominicain se sa pou

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John says...

Why Haiti needs army for, so you think army will fix the problem no no, Haiti got problem itself think Haiti don't have water because they kill all the trees road mess up health care mess up, education mess up politicians mess up, private sectors mess up economy mess up, energy mess up tourist mess up more more, what i see for Haiti need is a dictator to fix it, because to many problem in this

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Jean says...

This is non-sense.

Haiti needs to rebuild it Army and its Military full force.

That non-sense cannot continue like this. Let's unify the Hispaniola Island again.

Sometimes, a war has to come before peace can be realized...Brigardiers a l'Assault,...Sa ki mouri zafe a

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