Doing Business in Haiti - What advice can you give me?

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips
I started a small business in Haiti and I quickly realize that people in the country who do the same types of business do not meet and talk about things that would help their business sector grow... What advice can you give me?

KREYOL: Haiti BIZNIS PAM -- Ki konsèy ou ka bay yon moun ki ap fè Biznis en Haiti? Nou remake moun en Haiti ki fè menm biznis, yo pliz enmi pase yo zanmi, sa anpeche yo aprann sou erè yonn lòt... Kisa ou panse de sa???

In my opinion, if Jean, Joseph and Pierre sell books for a living, if they were to meet once in a while and talk about the book market, they would definitely come up with want to increase book sales as a whole.

Unfortunately, I get the impression that in Haiti, not only do Jean, Joseph and Pierre NOT meet to talk about book sales, they tend to become silent enemies simply because they see each other as fierce competition... Because of that, their business does not grow even on en individual basis since they cannot learn from each other's mistakes.

(If you are interested in this topic, let us know so we can talk more about it)

What do you think about that?

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Paul Bance You just have to advertise on the radio, newspaper, in church, everywhere you can. It is a competition. If you want to talk to businessmen, you have... see more
Reply · April 18 at 10:23 AM
Tonton That the eat the seed before it grows mentality. One way is to form organizations or unions in the trade or business. This allows for rival members... see more
Reply · April 10 at 1:50 PM
Patrick Princivil Men konsèy map bay pou moun kap fè biznis an Ayiti! Nap viv nan yon tan ki vrèman difisil é frajil; men Jézi ka... see more
Reply · April 10 at 11:15 AM
Fred I think this is going to be a great topic.
Reply · April 10 at 10:39 AM
Riche Zamor I am not a Haitian business owner, but I am a retired executive from the ONG world. You should not assume that people do not want to talk, you... see more
Reply · April 10 at 6:58 AM

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