Do you go to Church? How much POWER does your Pastor have over you?

Does your PASTOR control you? --- I hate to bring this up but being a good Christian in the Haitian community means doing exactly what your pastor want... There are many Haitians churchgoers out there who fear their pastor more than they fear God himself... Right or Wrong?

I just read an press note on Radio Caraibes FM's web site about a A self-proclaimed pastor Ile de la Tortue, Haiti, who abuses all women who are beyond his control in the Church...

Francais-w bon? Read this: Un pasteur auto-proclamé à l'Ile de la Tortue, Haïti, maltraite toutes les femmes qui échappent à son contrôle dans son Église‏.

Bon... gen anpil pastè tèt chat wi nan milieu Haitian an... gen anpil pastè ki pa konn ki sa pastè vle di...

Hmmmm... an tou ka...

QUESTON: Do you go to church? What is your opinion about your church pastor?

Is he/she UP-TO-DATE? or is he... You know... ???

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Note: (do not mention your pastor's name or the church name. Use a nick name if you want to remain anonymous. Noone will know who you are...)

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Damebochie says...

I don't have a pastor.

I have a priest Woodring! It may be a good idea to pinpoint that when you send these mass messages (which I do appreciate) to people like me who are still Catholic in the US. My priest doesn't have any control over me. I come and go at my church.

My priest is up in my business only if I invite him

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Patrick says...

En nou diskité sa en créole,

Bagay sa a sé partout dans le monde entié li yé wi, min pa blié sa! Jésus té di disciple yo ap gin anpil faux prophètes ki gin pou vini nan monde lan, nou min-m kap prié BonDyé nan ciel la fòk nou pa troublé lè nou wè bagay sa yo ap rivé.

pa pè.

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Patrick says...

We are not on the earth to follow pastors but to do what Christ instructs.

Putting a pastor in the place of that kind of power has by passed the authority God gave them. Example, if we follow a pastor and he falls under being a false prophet then everyone will fall in the same whole.

A blind can not follow blind; we aught to follow

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Sergo Buissereth says...

My pastor have NO POWER over me. He is a messenger.

He is a sinner just like me. I respect him just like everyone in the

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Lyne says...

It's really about ultimately following God. It's not a man that you follow.

That man should humbly lead and give you relevant teachings that give you clarity to understand the Word of God on your own. A person should never fear coming to church, but should look forward to coming to church to meet other believers in the faith to encourage / pray for each other, worship together in song, and hear a great

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