Did you know : Buying Premium Gasoline instead of Regular is a waste of money!

I just found out, premium gas does nothing for your car except cost you more money! I just read on the Federal Trade Commission's web site that buying premium gasoline instead of regular is a big waste of money! Read this...

Paying a Premium for High Octane Gasoline?

Don't spend the money on high octane gas. In most cases, there's no benefit. Higher octane helps only if you have problems with your engine "knocking."

Unless your engine is knocking, buying higher octane gasoline is a waste of money. Premium gas costs 15 to 20 cents per gallon more than regular. That can add up to $100 or more a year in extra costs.

Studies indicate that altogether, drivers may be spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year for higher octane gas than they need.

It may seem like buying higher octane "premium" gas is like giving your car a treat, or boosting its performance. But take note: the recommended gasoline for most cars is regular octane. In fact, in most cases, using a higher octane gasoline than your owner's manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit. It won't make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage, or run cleaner.

Holy Shhhhhh!!!!

I which I knew that when I had my beat up 1988 Acura Legend!

Your best bet: listen to your owner's manual.

The only time you might need to switch to a higher octane level is if your car engine knocks when you use the recommended fuel. This happens to a small percentage of cars.

This is directly from the official web site of the Federal Trade Commission. Need I say more?


What kind of gas have you been using in your car? Regular or premium?

What are you gonna do now?

My dad puts nothing but premium gas in his old car...

30 years the old man has been putting premium gas in his car! All the money he could've saved! Wow!

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Floyd Herdrich says...

I need the higher octane for my 1977 BMW motorcycle but I could fix regular with a cap-full of octane enhancer with each five gallon fill

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Junette says...

I have a Volkswagen model and the manufacturer recommends to use only 91 and 95 octane fuel. Now I should ignore it after reading this

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