Did UN troops infect Haiti with Cholera?

Although It is a fact that Cholera is imported in Haiti, nobody wants to take credit for it. Although the strain of cholera found in Haiti is pointing to the UN and their Nepalese Battalions guess what the scientists are saying now...

The Associated Press reports...

"The CDC, World Health Organization and United Nations say it's NOT POSSIBLE to pinpoint the source and investigating further would distract from efforts to fight the disease."

Oh Yeurrrr???

So... Since the "Source" is not Haitian... then investigating further is a distraction huhhhh???

Remember that song?

"Si-l tro cho pou ou, lage-l ate... Ti moun mande gonbo, yo ba li-l nan pla men-l..."

Two experts disagree...

Dr. Paul Farmer (Doctors Without Borders) says: "That sounds like politics to me, not science... Knowing where the point source is - or source, or sources - would seem to be a good enterprise in terms of public health."

Politik se rans Dok!...

John Mekalanos, a cholera expert and chairman of Harvard University's microbiology department, said it is important to know exactly where and how the disease emerged because it is a novel, virulent strain previously unknown in the Western Hemisphere - and public health officials need to know how it spreads.

Mekalanos says: "The organism that is causing the disease is very uncharacteristic of (Haiti and the Caribbean), and is quite characteristic of the region from where the [Nepalese] soldiers in the base came. I don't see there is any way to avoid the conclusion that an unfortunate and presumably accidental introduction of the organism occurred."


Why is it so difficult for the United Nations to admit it?

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Marie Elie says...

mezammi moin pa ka di anyen nan koze cholera sa yon sel bagay moin konin yon jou souffrans tout fre-m yo va fini paske le doule a pi di e le sa-a ouap delivre se yon grwo chagrin li ye pou mwen le moin tande frere -m ap mouri konsa en fin JEHOVAH

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Jean Claude says...

because Haitians are being considered as animals and our so call Government has no intention of making Haiti what it suppose to be in the society.

Haitians constantly living in isolation, thinking they are no body. It is time for us to stand up for our humanly right to live free with dignity and pride, to let other Nations know that we are valuable and that we know what is good 'nou kon gou diol nou'.

I really fell bad for my

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Rza says...

Simple Answered!!!

Because we are

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Raynald Delerme says...

Well, let me point out that the UN is just afraid of the shame, not the blame.

There can be no blame or repercussion if it is found that they are responsible for the introduction or the death of so many Haitian because the agreement that we
'fools',(I am talking about we Haitians), signed with the UN stipulates that they can not be accused, judged, held responsible or anything else, for whatever wrong-doings on their part. That's the end of the story.

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J Wag says...

Yes this is the usual poilitical Mumbo Jumbo so that they won't hurt no one's feelings.

Well the truth is the truth and the truth shall help fight the out break and contain it. Then maybe a cure can be found to help our people and others around the world.


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