Did Nostradamus Predict The Haiti Earthquake and Cholera Outbreak?

Food For Thought - I just read two predictions by Nostradamus and they both seem to point to Haiti, the earthquake and the cholera outbreak. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Nostradamus Haiti Predictions

I am not a big believer of Nostradamous but I do find this a bit strange. They almost make me want to say...


Let's talk about this for a minute...

PART ONE - Did Nostradamus Predict the Earthquake in Haiti?

Over four hundred and fifty years ago Nostradamus wrote the following words in a poem:

Le grand Neptune du profound de la mer
De gent Punique et sang Gaulois mêlé.
Les Iles sang, pour le tardif ramer:
Plus lui nuira que l'occulte mal célé.


The great Neptune from the depths of the sea,
Will come to the people with Punic and Gallic blood mixed,
The Isles bloody because of too slow rowing,
It will do them more harm than their occultism poorly concealed.

I will not copy and paste the entire report here (read the full Nostradamus Haiti report) but I will give you shocking interpretation.

The "people with Punic and Gallic blood mixed" refers to "a people whose blood is a mixture of both African and French ancestry."

This is only true in Haiti according to the author.

"Slow rowing" refers to the aid arriving slowly in the aftermath "The great Neptune"

Read the full Nostradamus Haiti report here.

PART TWO - Did Nostradamus Predict Cholera in Haiti?

On a message board on GodLikeProductions.com, the following message was posted January 16, 2010, two days after the Haiti earthquake, and everyone was asking "What plague is happening in Haiti?"

Nostradamus supposedly said:

When the land of high mountains shake
and the sun turned black as night
There shall come forth a grievous plague
All nations shall tremble at it's sight

That same day, January 16, someone posted:

"That part hasn't happened yet, but if he's right, it's coming very soon."

The past few days, it's all about the cholera epidemic in Haiti (a grievous plague) - No one knows where it came from... and no one knows when it will go away...

Do you agree that "PART TWO" is happening now?

What do you think about all this?

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Joel says...

As for the plague to come I think it is something worse than the cholera outbreak.

When it comes to Nostradamus, there is a tendency of fitting his predictions to suit any event in the world.

I don't want to dismiss anything here. But the tendency is there, interpreting the predictions to fit our owns visions of

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Pierre Richard Duclet says...


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Yvette Duverge says...

I don't believe in Nostradamus I believe in Jesus Christ.

The bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue.

I choose to speak life on behalf of my country.

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Joseph Robert Jochmans says...

I can tell you that the first verse you quoted is real. I know because I am the one who researched it from the original Old French verses of Nostradamus.

The second verse you quote, however, is bogus.

Notice it has no Century or Quatrain number.

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Delinois Eugene says...

I don't know what to say because it's true. Many thing will happen befor Jesus come back.Tout sa kap pase la te deja ekri e gin anpil anko ki ekri ki gen pou rive. Nou pas bezoin ale pi loin pou nou klere je nou, gen yon profese en Haiti ke moin tap swiv le moin tap fe reto ki te toujou pale de sa ki gen pou rive e tout moun te konn di li fou. Dr

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Sergo Jean says...

I respect it.But I believe, tout bagay sa yo ou we kap pase nan continan Amerique la te deja di pa prohpet ki tap viv sou te Amerique la, 600 ane avan Jesus Christ te ne sou la te.pep sa ou we Christoph Colomb te decouvri sou te sa se te yon pep prophet ki te la te di yo gen lot nasyon kap vin decouvri yo la sou te sa e prophet yo te di yap detwi du fet ke yo pat vle obeyi a sa ke Jesus christ mande tout moun ki vin sou te sa pou fe.e yo te di yo gen anpil lot bagay ki pral fet sou te sa.yo te di yo ke Jesus Christ genyen pou li te vin vizite yo bagay ki te fet apre li te monte nan ciel e li te vin nan continan Amerique pou pale avec pep sa.ki te vin prospere sou tout te sa pou yon dure de plizie siecl epi ki te vin tonbe nan desobeyisans kote: trnbleman de te, tanpet,toner, toubiyon, zecle dife, e tout vil yo te constri te detwi, rout, pon, e lot nasyon kap vin decouvri res ki rete yo kouman yo pral detri e yap fe vini lot nasyon pou ranplase yo nan te sa epi ap gen gro batay moun sa yo, yo te fe vini yo an captivite yo ap genyen batay la e pran te sa pou yo pa pouvoi de Dieu. Prophet yo predi e di anko tout moun ki sou te amerique la dwe obeyi a Jesus Christ si non bagay sa yo pral fet anko nan tout peyi sou la te.E yo predi e di ke continan Amerique la ap tounen nan eta paradisiac li anko avek moun ki te obeyi a Moun ki Roi nou ki se Jesus Christ.

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