Deja... En Direk Des Gonaives for Haiti Kanaval 2014

We have just arrived in the City of Gonaives Haiti for Haiti kanaval 2014... The city is alive... Stands are being built... Lots of Houses are available for rent...

Gonaives, the city is alive...

We notice lots of businesses filling up with merchandise waiting for influx of tourists coming into the city for the carnival festivities...

One resident told us that the police will have the kanaval PARCOURS on lockdown... Sa vle di securite-a ap tight...

Rete branche, we will be updating you all week live from Gonaives Haiti.

Are you coming to Kanaval 2014 in Gonaives?

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Patrick Princivil Fout ton-nè sa pa gadé pil bouda-m
Reply · February 23 at 2:17 PM
Barbara Murphy Bridge This is totally off the subject and I apologise but I have requested this information several times to no avail - Is the Haitian government funding... see more
Reply · February 22 at 8:16 PM

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