Cote-des-Arcadins Haiti - 10 Secret Beaches in the Caribbean

The Secret is out... Cote-des-Arcadins Haiti is on the list of 10 Secret Beaches in the Caribbean.

I knew that... LOL... The MINUSTAH soldiers, they know that very well... That's their hangout spot!

Cotes-des-Arcadins is no secret to the people of Haiti but... To all the Caribbean tourists out there who have never been there... You don't know what you're missing...

If you've never been tipsy on a rum punch while dancing live Rara & Twoubadou at a Haiti beach... You don't know what fun is...

From "Haiti, long off the map for Caribbean travelers, does have some beautiful beaches. A little under an hour away from Port-au-Prince on Haiti's western coast, the Cote-des-Arcadins gives you mountains to your back and a beautiful view of the sea ahead."

I have not not yet been to all the beaches in Cotes-des-Arcadins Haiti but, based on my experience at Kaliko Beach and a couple of free beaches in the area, I have to say... It is so wonderful to be enjoying a white sandy beach, coconut trees, the blue ocean water and a breathtaking view of the mountains ALL at the same time!

ONLY IN HAITI BABY... I plan to do a whole lot of exploring this summer!

Ever been to Cotes-des-Arcadins... Let me hear you...

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Miami says...

Wow nice nice but what a way to found

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Paul says...

I used to go to Kaliko Beach every Sunday, from morning till evening.

The water was always warm. I miss that in New-York

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Daniel says...

Bon sa MINUSTAH ap fe nan peyi-a toujou?

vale chante fo pdt te chante aktielman pdt toutbon nan tet peyia.

nou mele vre

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