Cost of living going up in Haiti due to two main factors: The value of the US Dollar and Insecurity

Cost of living (La Vie Cher) in Haiti has been going up a ramp and some people say it is because of not just one but two main factors: The US Dollar that keeps going up in value non-stop and insecurity.

PHOTO: Haiti - Bon Manje Kreyol
PHOTO: Haiti - Bon Manje Kreyol

Nowadays, you need 94 to 95 Haitian gourdes to purchase one U.S. Dollar in Haiti. Considering that Haiti imports everything including most of the food Haitians consume, one can conclude how expensive the cost of living must be for a school teacher whose paycheck has stayed the same over the years.

Add to that the fact that armed gangs in Haiti are free to do what ever they want including hijacking truck loads of merchandise purchased and paid for by small business owners in various Haitian cities who sell these products for profit.

It is more and risky and difficult for products to leave the Haitian capital and make its way to various other departments due to gangs seizing truck loads of merchandise. Because of that Many food warehouses are empty and the price of basic food products have gone up.

There are complaints especially in the Martissant area, a corridor south of Port-au-Prince that lead all the southern departments where armed gangs do whatever they want and where the Haitian police have little or no control.

There are also complaints in the Artibonite region where truck loads of products en route to Artibonite and Northern Haitian cities are seized by armed gangs. Many drivers of big food and drink companies are afraid to make deliveries to these parts of the country.

When you have a shortage of products where consumers with money unable to purchase the products their need, it's basic economics, supply and demand, the price goes up because the supply is low.

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Subject: Cost of living going up in Haiti due to two main factors: The value of the US Dollar and Insecurity edit

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