Cooking in Haiti: Why do Haitians still use Charcoal to cook instead of Propane (LPG)?

Haiti: CHARBON Vs PROPANE (LPG) -- Based on my experience cooking with propane in Haiti, I truly believe it is more economical than cooking with charcoal. So why do Haitians continue to cook with charcoal?

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel

Haitians are so used to cooking with Charcoal (charbon) that some of them think it give te food better taste...

Every day, you see donkeys loaded with charcoal entering the Haitian provinces for sale in the Market place.

Deforestation in Haiti: A horse loaded with charcoal going to market

If you see smoke from a distance in Haiti, changes are it's charcoal in the making from trees cut down from that purpose.

Charbon - Charcoal Making in Haiti

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Alexa says...

This seroius problem will be solved by the Government.

There should be a campaign enlightening the people about what they do to their environment, to Mother Earth that supports them when they cut trees without giving it a second thought.

I visited Ruanda, Africa, where some charcoal is used for cooking.

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Magumbo G Muntu says...

Where cooking is concerned, from my experience, Charcoal is better, simply because it's much more healthy, than cooking on any kind of gas. I'm not aware of the price of "Charcoal" in Haiti, it might be more costly.

but gas it's not healthier.

These are all the things that are killing us these days!!! And given us all kinds of diseases.

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Negbelair says...

Because most Haitians are uneducated.

The lack of education in Haiti is going to cause Haiti's demise.

The Dominican Republic sadly is way way more advanced than Haiti.

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La Cuisine En Haiti says...

Basé sur mon expérience avec le propane en Haiti, je crois vraiment qu'il est plus économique que la cuisine avec du charbon de bois. Alors pourquoi les Haitiens continuent-ils à cuisiner au charbon de bois?

Les Haitiens sont tellement habitués à cuisiner au Charbon que certains d'entre eux pensent qu'il donne de la nourriture au meilleur

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Subject: Cooking in Haiti: Why do Haitians still use Charcoal to cook instead of Propane (LPG)? edit

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