JOKE OF THE WEEK - Blondes Go Fishing!

A blonde wanted to go ice fishing in Canada. She'd seen many books on the subject and finally, after getting all the necessary "tools" together, she made for the nearest frozen lake. more »

JOKE OF THE WEEK - Five Surgeons

5 surgeons are taking a coffee break. more »

JOKE OF THE WEEK - Who Created Chaos?

A surgeon, an architect an a lawyer are having a heated barroom discussion concerning which of their professions is actually the oldest profession. more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... What Is This?

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mesye... M'ale lakay yon zanmi, Mwen wè 3 turkey kouche TOUTOUNI nan yon chodye... more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... It's an Oven for God Sakes!

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mezanmi... Me 3 Turkey yo pran OVEN lakay zanmi-a yo fe li tounen yon TANNING SALON... O! Jezu... Yo kouche la-a TOUTOUNI, y-ap pran couleurrrrrr... more »

Haitian Jokes - You know that you're Haitian when...

You know that you're Haitian when: more »

Haitian Blagues - Bouki and Ti Malice

Uncle Bouki Gets Whee-ai more »

True Haitian Confessions - They Will Shock You

Confused If you want to a good laugh, I have a winner for you. Read this... Some true confesions posted by Haitians Online. Here are just some of them... more »

Woy! Mona Guerin Mouri !!!

Haitian writer and playwright Mona Guerin, creator of "Woy! Les Voila!!!" died Friday, December 30 2011. more »