CNN's Roland Martin Is Haitian

I have been watching Roland Martin on CNN all this time and I had no idea that he was Haitian. Did you know?

Roland S. Martin - Is He Haitian???

If you watch CNN, I am sure you know who Roland Martin is. Just in case you don't know, allow me to tell you.

Roland Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network . Roland Martin is also a CNN Analyst. He has appeared on a variety of CNN shows including Campbell Brown: No Bias No Bull, The Situation Room (anchored by Wolf Blitzer), Anderson Cooper 360, Lou Dobbs Tonight, and many others.

What do you mean Roland Martin is Haitian?

Didn't you know? Being Haitian is a bloodline, just like being Jewish, Italian, or Irish, only a selected few earn that privilege!

Haitian Artist Smith Georges caught the moment on video, Watch the the video now.

How is Roland Martin linked to the Haitian Bloodline you ask?

Here is what Roland Martin revealed during an Obama Inaugural Ball on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 in Washington D.C.:

Roland Martin says: "On my mother's side, her father, his parents migrated from Haiti to Louisiana"

Roland Martin also revealed, during the Obama Inaugural Ball, a project he is working on along with Haitian-American State Senator Kwame Raoul, who replaced President Barack Obama in Illinois, to travel to Haiti to report and to contribute in improving the living condition of the Haitian people.

Roland Martin of CNN is very proud of his Haitian heritage.

Thank you artist Smith Georges for capturing this moment on video and for bringing it to our attention.

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David Joseph says...

Thank you very much for this

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Rodney says...

Why didn't he ask Obama to help

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Mark says...

Why do we keep chasing people?

If Roland was Haitian and proud of it...he would have say so!

If he is Haitian good for him!

We don't need to chase famous people to validate ourselves as

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Oddy says...

hi my brother, i`m pround of you may GOD BLESS

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Pickson Hyacinthe says...

hey roland i been listen to you for longtime very smart intelligent man i didn;t know you carry haitian blood, i'm very happy to know that i feel stronger everyday smart hatian coming out to free haiti from bad politic.

i will be pleased to keep communicate with you to share ideas and learn from each other i like your wisdom your knowledge.i'm proud of you my

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Jacques Thomas says...

Is there any problem been haitien?

if Mr Roland Martin chose (refuse) to admit that he is Haitien that he's problem first free black nation in the
World certainly we are facing some dificulties that doesn't mean we have to
be feared of been

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Very Happy for you, Yes, we can through hard word.

THE INAUGURATION of a US president committed to reversing "the failed policies of the past" provoked sighs of relief around the world.

Few were more relieved than the citizens of Haiti, because few have suffered so much from failed US policies.

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Sima says...

Roland M how are you man, my nama is sima, i'm a haitian student in Dominican Republic and i'm wacthing you so close on cnn, so i'm very proud of you for your best job on cnn, and i wish you become an important american icone

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Millz says...

I woud have never known but that is wonderful.

He is a great political commentator on many issues going on within the country.

I would like to know how can I be able to network with other Haitians or American born Haitians on helping our people in Haiti with our

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Evelyn says...

Hi Woodring,

Thanks for the info. on Roland Martin and for all your e-mails--you're doing a great job of keeping our community in

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