Chaos, Manifestation in Haiti - It's Raining, No Tents

It's raining in Port-au-Prince! We have just received a phone call from Haiti that there is protest in the streets of Haiti today.

Flooding Rain In Port Au Prince Haiti

It's been a month since the earthquake in Haiti, People are living in the streets, and it started raining today.

Want to see what it looks like when it rains in Port-au-Prince?
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The rain started pouring in Haiti early this morning, around 4:30 AM with more than 1/2 Million people homeless in Port-au-Prince and surrounding area with no tents, they are all wet, it's muddy in Port-au-Prince and the people are beginning to ask questions:

One Haitian man said to to a news agency:

"They've been collecting money for Haiti around the world. Many millions have been collected. But we are still in misery. if millions have been collected, why don't they buy tents? Our children will be sick. We will be sick. And more people are going to die."

I have witnessed the rain in Port-au-Prince and it no laughing matter.

When it rains in Port-au-Prince Haiti, the streets become raging rivers, and with so many people homeless in the streets, a rainy day right now is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Want to see what it looks like when it rains in Port-au-Prince?
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For the past 30 days people have been living in makeshift tents to avoid the burning sun in Haiti but these tents cannot stop the rain.

What will happen to these people if more rain come?

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Jesus says...

It's raining in Haiti to wash the stink off those darkies.

God tried to rid the earth of the leaches of the world but the haiti movement is going against god by begging for money to rebuild the

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Papou says...

gade mezaanmi li le li tan pou sa chonje twop san koule pitit bondye kap mouri san pale, le se pa dlo se dife le sepa di fe se politik le se pa politik se tranblemandete kem fem mal anpil sitou lem we ti moun yo kap soufri se nan kem pouw taye pouw ta konnen zan zantray mwen ap dechire .si nou met men nan yon jou ayiti ka rele la belle des antilles anko le konsa tout moun kikite lakay ap tounen lakay epi visite ap vini san bliye touris le sa lot nasyon ap vin respekte nou menm nou respekte tet nou ...

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Jhon says...

map ekri nou ankreyol, sam mal pou nout kap viv nan jan desiyasyonsa jodia, chak jou nouleve noutande konbyen ed kap entre epi nou ap mouri avek grangou sa fe mal nou paka sipote enko, mwenpre pou m ka resevra tout sa ke nouvle edenou avel si bondye pale nan ke nou tout bon sa tafenou byen pou n we pakimyoyen nou tekaede kek mou n kigen vi toujou mwen byen kontan nou ekri m
sisevolonte bondye map tan nou. nimero telefon mwen se 809 409

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Marie Elie says...

Enfin seigneur, yo di yo ramase lagen pou ede haitien yo tout se menti paske lagen an ale direktmen nan poch yo men si yon moun eseye vole haiti nan situyasyon ke li a -ayap peye sa tres tres tres

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Garry says...

Something is not right.

It has been a month since the people been left in the street with no where to go, fighting for food. How much is a metal home, not much at all. They could be placed around as temporary shelters in the city of Port-au-Prince within days. they could be used even as schools, hospitals until the clean up is over. So something is not right.

There is no sense to it. Millions of people around the world have poured money in Haiti to all sort of organizations but people still dying with infections, hunger and now of cold from this rain. so where the money?

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Belpoz says...

This a photo of the rain in Haiti, the photo is from June 2009, it is an archive photo.

You can see them all

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Marcda says...

Mwen dako 100% ak ou. Pouki sa yo pa al mete tout burreau d'etat sa nan province.

Sa se yon lecon tou paske fok nou konin ke yon peyi dwet gin office tou pa tou, mim si headquarter-l se nan capital la li ye. Mwen ta rimin konin si yon pa ka voye kek nan dokte yo et ak moune malad yo nan province.

se pou al fe shelter yon lot

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Marc Evens says...

Mwen ap viv an ayiti, mwen panse foto sa yo se foto achiv ke yo ye, paske li tap fe tout lapli sa pou gen kantite dlo sa nan lari ya, fok nou pa mete pase

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Jean W says...

Good day I need the information for donation centers.

Can you send me some information on that. There was a web site that you sent out earlier I lost it.

I am in NC and there are a lot of people wanting to donate and they do not know where to do so. I have churches wanting to take in these items but they don't know where to send it to or who can pick it up.

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Atchy says...

we knew and it is exactly what we were thinking about.

Today we have a headache to sit and see what is going on in our land. We don't know how you feel but it seems very dangerous for those who are living in Hati right now. I want to say that in creole " Yo bloke tout bagay port-au-prince yon fason pou fe moun soufri plis ak yon politik sal." Port-au-prince pa selaman ayiti, All they have to do is evacuated every body in a different city in Haiti and start as quick as posible doing something about.

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