Carl Fombrun and Woodring Saint Preux on TV

Did you catch the interview I had with Carl Fombrun on Island TV on December 23rd, 2004?

Carl Fombrun Interviews Woodring Saint Preux on Island TV

If you missed it, you are in luck,
Island TV will rebroadcast the interview...

Watch Carl's Corner This Thursday night >> Island TV >> 9:00 PM

If you saw it, watch it again... Tell all your friends to watch it too.

If you missed it, you now have a golden opportunity to see it this time around.

Perhaps when we come out with "Fouye TV" :) you will be able to watch it "live" On the internet but not yet...

Since we are talking about Carl today, how many of you subscribe to Carl's Corner online?

It's FREE, to sign up to his newsletter.

You should sign up. Perhaps it will inspire you to come up with your own newsletter idea

Watch Carl's Corner with Host Carl Fombrun,
"Le Coin De Carl Parlant et Ecrit De Tout et de Rien"

On TV >> Every Thursday nights at 9:00 PM on IslandTV

On the Radio >> Let's Talk with Fanini on Planet 17 (AM1700)

Online >>

This interview would not be possible without the professionalism of Mr. Serge Olivier of Sights and Sound Pictures.

Every time you watch Carl's Corner on TV, Serge is the man behind the camera.

There are many professionals right here in the Haitian Community, Stop giving your money away to strangers...

Serge is available for Concerts, Weddings, Birthdays, TV Productions, etc.

Contact Serge for all your video needs

Sight and Sound Pictures
Serge Olivier (Producer)
Info @
call >> 305-255-8918

Tune to IslandTV Tomorrow night (Thursday) and enjoy another round of "Le Coin De Carl with Woodring Saint Preux.

Thank you Island TV for the Re-Run!

Island TV

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