Canada Fires Its Top Haiti MINUSTAH Officer

Colonel Bernard Ouellette, Canadian Senior Officer of MINUSTAH in Haiti, has been fired for allegedly having a romantic relationship with a female civilian stationed at UN headquarters in Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Colonel Bernard Ouellette

Colonel Bernard Ouellette has been Chief of Staff of the UN Stabilization mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) for just over a year.

You know, it's funny, I've been scanning the Internet trying to find out who the guy is and all I find out about him is the one thing he did wrong.


It may not be wrong to fall in love in Haiti but, if your are in the Canadian forces, you are not allowed to leave babies behind in Haiti...


"The Canadian Forces has strict rules regarding fraternization and romantic relationships in any overseas theatre," I read this on

The reported that Colonel Bernard Ouellette won praise for his cool handling of Canada's relief effort following the massive earthquake in Haiti.

I've been told that the Canadians did a superb job in the Jacmel area during the earthquake.

With all that good work, still, Canada wont let him stick his hands in the cookie jar...

Oh boy...

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Ericka says...

hey i cnt blame the guy....u know how beautiful the Haitian ladies are, and boy!!! can they

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Saving faces, It is just politics.

He has violated the Military Canadian's law. Come home. Vacation is over.

Charlot, Gros-Morne Artibonite
konfraternite at

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Robert Louissaint says...

I was in Haiti last i can't beleive how beautyful the haitian are.I think he should go head stay in haiti because he won' be able to leave in the cold any more he had touched the

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Miggy says...

You know....

Haitian women are just too sweet to pass by

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