Building Blocks for a Worldwide Haitian Network

"The last time Haitians put their heads together (Tèt Ansanm), we shocked the world! Let's do it again..."

- Woodring Saint Preux -

A comment from one of our readers


I was sent an article/propaganda/Haitian coming of age story/poem titled "What does a Haitian look like?

Through that link I found you guys.

I very much enjoyed the poem and look forward to reading your online newsletters.

I live upstate and am fairly isolated from the Haitian community, so it's great having this virtual, if not physical link.


Nadine Renazile

Thank you Nadine, It's working!

This is Woodring Saint Preux, the Haitian Internet guy

I have Great news!

I've been trying very hard to integrate the Haitian side of the internet with the rest of "The Internet".

:) OOPS... I did it again...

If you are already searching through then there is no reason for you to switch to Yahoo or anyone else to look for internet results.

We have just found a way to bring those results to you in without sacrificing the Haitian side which we so proudly represent.

Y'ap Pale... N'ap Travay...

Is this good news or what?

Without wasting you time,
let me tell you what we did to make your life easier.

1 =

We have removed the banner ads from our search results pages. Instead we use text ads above and below the search results.

This will be more convenient for our advertisers and easier on your eyes.

If a Haitian business is looking for you, I hope they are smart enough to invest $14.95 per month with

2 =

We have created a new sister search engine to complement

It's like Fouye... but for the entire internet

Try it now...

3 =

We have introduced "Bite Size Search", a tiny Internet search engine embedded inside of the directory pages

We figured since you already looking, why not give you some internet results based on what you are looking for in the Haitian community.

4 =

The search bar on now has TWO BUTTONS:

A "fouye" button and a "WEB" button

Clicking the fouye button (default) or pressing enter after entering your search terms will give you Haitian search results
Clicking on the "WEB" button will give you Internet search results from


Why did we do all that?


The idea is to keep you informed about what is going on in your Haitian community without alienating you from the real world.


If we can give you internet results, why would you want to go to the others first?

What have they done for you lately?

I quit my job so that I can be at your service... I believe that we, as a community, we can help each other if we can build "Worldwide Haitian Network".

The last time Haitians put their heads together (Tèt Ansanm), we shocked the world. Let's do it again!

There is only one way to search the internet and find out at the same time that there is a new Haitian CD on the market.
That way is...

5 =

After you try it, I would love to hear your comments about it.

To make a comment, please go to this link:

I have to go...

Thank you to all my advertisers who support me so far, now your success is my business!

Au revoir!

Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

I just got your news letter and I enjoy it very much, I have been working In Haiti for the last seven years all over the mainland and a lot on the Island of LaGonave and I love the people there very much thanks for the site


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Topic says...

Thank you for your comments.

I certainly hope she is the long lost friend you have been looking for.

One thing...

Reply directly to her message, she will automatically receive an email from our system letting her know that someone replied to her comment.

Let me know how it works out.

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Topic says...

Mr. Saint Preux,

I must admit that, often times I would read the e-mail sent to me from the Haitian Internet and not open the site.
Todays subject- "Building Blocks for a worldwide Haiti" caught my interest; as faith would have it, I have decide to surf your site and I stumbled on Miss. Nadine Renazile's comment on the poem "what does a Haitian look like?"

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