Life in America - Babysitting costs $700 and she gets paid $900 every two weeks

A young Haitian mother living in Brooklyn NY is sharing her life experience with her sister in Haiti. Childcare is expensive she says... Her first experience.

When she arrived in the United States she was so happy to be making some money. These days she realizes all her money is going towards banysitting.

Her bi-weekly paycheck is $900 and about $700 of that goes to her babysitter

She wants to send the baby to her parents in Haiti.

What do you think about that?

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Gauthier Saintilus says...

Yes, If itis one of of your best choices, send the child to Haiti, but make sure that the babysitter in Haiti is qualified to do the job. When the child earnes his/her High school diploma, bring him/her back to achieve his/her education in USA.
Pay also some one to teach standard English to your child.


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Irmone says...

If she can work something out with her husband and he works night and she works day like that they can keep the baby here.

From my experience it's not the ideal solution to separate children from they parents.

It marks

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F Etienne says...

Where is the child's father, can't he

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F Etienne says...

Having raised 3 children in New York City I know for sure her problems.

It is only the

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Flo says...

Send the baby but be very careful to not have greedy family taking advantage of the

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Linda says...

No don't sent your baby to Haiti.

you need to find another way to take care your baby, there are many government program for low income parents who will provide childcare services.

A child always need the love of her or his parent.

take it from me because I was not raise with any of my parents.

It also plays a lot with a child self

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Subject: Life in America - Babysitting costs $700 and she gets paid $900 every two weeks edit

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