Are you in Haiti? Do you feel the Christmas Spirit?

Last night, December 13 2018, Only 12 days before Christmas, I am driving down the city of Hinche Haiti and I realize, there's no Christmas spirit here! How is the Christmas spirit in your neck of the woods?

Christmas in Haiti
Christmas in Haiti

We were driving around in a black out when suddenly I told my wife: This doesn't look and feel like Christmas!

As a matter of fact, no one seems to be talking about the holidays. It's almost like it is not a season anymore. I don't know how to explain it.

Finally, we was Christmas lights flashing in one barbershop nicely lit in a storage container on the side of streets.

"Ahhh... Somebody has the Christmas spirit," my wife said. "There's hope!"

How is the Christmas where you live?

Share it with us!

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Claude says...

Was in Haiti last year until December 22 when I return home.
Yes I saw the lights, decorations at some houses and stores.

My wife like it so much want to return to Haiti and spend a longer time to enjoy all Haiti can

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