Are Evangelical Missionaries in Haiti really MISERY Tourists?

I recently read an article that calls Evangelical missionaries in Haiti "misery tourists" who target Vodou believers as souls in need of salvation from the grip of Satan... Do you agree with this notion?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

Misery tourism is not a new term... So what does it really mean?

The simplest definition I found was from an article at which states:

"Misery tourism is what (mostly white) Westerners do to make themselves feel better about their own circumstances."

Some group people feel better about themselves after they witness the living conditions of another group... If we really want a better Haiti, we cannot afford to be the monkey in the zoo that other people come to see.

Without turning this into a Church vs Vodou topic, do you think of evangelical missionaries in Haiti as misery tourists?

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Elipha Joseph says...


I'm impressed...

I think your knowledge has been improved ever since you moved back home...

now the only question left to ask is: What you gonna do about it?

It's all starts there.

You have to get that message across the country.

where ever you go...

on your journey...

teach them about themselves...

I'm so glad you've brought that

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Tonton Michel says...

Absolutely, in fact I would call them provocateurs and

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Sonia says...

The white race are always think they can save the black race. Haiti have problems.

Yes. We are not animals that need to be study by the white man.

We need to keep some of our old ways but, use our new way of life to better ourself.

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Raynald Delerme says...

any time you ask a hungry person to turn into something just for some food, yu are a disciple of Satan.

Sex for food, a job for food, Christ for food, religion for food, it's all wrong.

As for church for food, this is not the first in Haiti.

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Montresor 2011 says...

Hey Man the Evangelical missionaries MISERY tourists In Haiti aren't any different over the Catholic missionaries, Priests etc who took vows of poverty...

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Gonzales R Joseph says...

Well I don't necessarily think of them as misery tourists but really the minute Haitians stop accepting "Vodou believers as souls in need of salvation from the grip of Satan...

" the minute the world is also going to stop looking Haiti as such! We came up in a system where we as a people have been lied to, tricked and misguided! We have enough info to know that's not true! We don't need any religion and savior to save us. We need to start analyzing each other by respecting our culture! Voudou is not only a religion that calls for the belief in One Almighty creator, nourishes the soul but offers physical healing thru the use and interaction of the unseen world.

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