After Donating to Haiti, Companies Notice Boost in Sales

Who said didn't pay off? Some of the companies who are donating to Haiti earthquake relief are getting the attention of new customers and they are noticing a sudden boost in sales at home. That's good news... times TWO!

Donating to Haiti boost company profits

Does your company sell a product or service that could help Haiti at the moment?

Does your company offer a product or a service that can really help Haiti during it's reconstruction phase?

I have news for you...

Donating to Haiti = FREE Publicity...

Publicity by any means = More sales!

If you have a company and you are looking for a possible increase in profits, giving a little to Haiti may not be a such a bad idea after all...

Here is one success story from the mouth of the vice president of a solar energy company who made donations to Haiti:

The company in question is Sol Inc.

Audwin Cash, the vice president of marketing of Sol Inc said in a recent article published in the that the publicity from these donations has gone a long way.

"It's been extremely powerful in that regard," Mr. Cash said. "We've had the U.S. military contact us about our lights for other relief efforts, and I've gotten 30 to 40 e-mails from other people and non-profits interested in the lights."

You want to know why he getting the attention of the U.S. Military?

I'll tell you why...

That's because Sol Inc. donated 100 solar powered streetlights to Haiti. These solar powered streetlights retail at $2,000 each.

Who said didn't pay off?

Another company, Sun Ovens International, donated 200 consumer-size solar ovens to Haiti, retailed at $299 each and guess what happened...

The visibility of the Haiti donations had an effect on consumers back in the United States...

Ah Haaaa....

Who said didn't pay off?

"We've seen an increased interest in the ovens in the United States since Haiti, as people find out that this exists and it's very practical to use in the United States also," said Paul Munsen, President of Sun Ovens International.

Ask yourself... "Hmmmmm.... What can I learn from this?"

It's simple, Does your company sell a product or service that could help Haiti at the moment?


Be generous...

You'll be surprised what happens to your bottom line.

Who said didn't pay off?


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Jean Esteban says...


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Miggy says...

It happened to me too. After donating to several relief funds.

Strange great things started to happened.

Things that I wanted to get done and did not have enough fund for.I suddenly found people who did it for me at the fraction of the cost that it was going for. It's great! I urge everyone.

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