A Visit to the Refugees by Haitian Student Leaders!

Woody's comments: This is the great work being done by the Haitian youth in Florida for their community.

Florida Haitian Student Association (FHSA)

You see. you don't have to give a man a million dollars to prove to him that you care.

Sometimes the only things a person needs is...

  • a little bit of joy
  • a moment of your time
  • knowing that you're there and that you care
  • an innocent smile... you have no idea how powerful this is!

These are the kind of things that money can't buy and that's exactly what these youths brought to these men and women during their visit

Bravo Kids! Keep up the good work!

Here's the article by Roland Victor

On February 1, 2003, a group of 20 Haitians - most of whom are included in the picture above - had a unique opportunity to visit our detained sisters at the Broward Work Release Center.

These students came from the Florida Haitian Student Association (FHSA)

"It was very sad and emotional for me to see my people locked up, knowing all they wanted was freedom.

Instead they found sadness, pain, insecurity, and humiliation."

Marie Madistin, President of Haitian Club at Palm Beach Community College-South (PBCC)

This was an extremely emotional experience on the part of all that were present during the visit, including the security guards at the Center.

It might be difficult to conceive how we (the youth) obtained inspiration from a group of people who have endured possibly the worst treatment.

It was amazing to learn how well behaved they are in spite of their extreme hostile environment.

We were fortunate to spend a moment with them, painfully laughing, and injuriously crying while they passionately and thoughtfully described their horrible journeys to the shore of the so-called "land of the free" (USA).

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