A Funny Christmas Story From Yours Truly...

I remember my very FIRST Christmas in Florida, the funniest thing happen... Let me tell you...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas

I was so happy when I bought that single family home in Miramar FL. I wanted to make my first sunny Florida Christmas memorable...

Believe me, There was a Blizzard in Rhodes Island the year before I moved to Florida and I was not "dreaming of no damn white Christmas..."

Nope! No way Jose...

So... I went out, shopped for gifts, a big Christmas tree, and Christmas lights... Lots of Christmas lights...

I decorated the whole front of the house with Christmas lights... Oh it was beautiful...

Anpil Liqueur... Anpil Kremas... Bel Bagay...

Are you familiar with the Haitian saying "Apre Dans, Tanbou Lou???"

Here is the funny part...

After Christmas, sometimes in late March, I got a special visit from Code Enforcement...

Yep... They left a notice in my front door and they gave me 24 hours to remove all these Christmas lights from the front of the house OR I would have to pay a VERY BIG fine!

What??? My house, My christmas lights... What is the problem here? LOL

I found out the hard way that you are not allowed to have Christmas lights hanging in front of your house once Santa Clause flies back to the North Pole!


I took me so damn long to put these lights up, I figured I would just leave them up there and light them up next year!

Not a Chance... Freaking Code Enforcement!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and thank you for taking the time to read my crazy stories!

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Woody says...

I used to live in Providence RI, on Marion Ave, right by the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Actually, this is where this Newsletter got started.

I really hated my space heater, that's what triggered my moved from Rhodes Island to Florida

Read all about it in this article I wrote back in 2003:

Stop Dreaming (IF) - Start Setting

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Joe says...

I did not know that you used to live in Rhode Island.

Which part exactly of RI?

That is where I live brother.

We don't have a White Christmas this year, but the temperature went down to 17 degree.


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