1500 Haitians Soon To Be Homeless In The Bahamas

An estimated 1,500 Haitians will soon be homeless in the Bahamas and more than 2,000 Haitian families is are awaiting their fate.

Haiti Bahamas

For more than 30 years, there has been a Haitian community on Abaco Island in the Bahamas in an area known as Pigeon Pea. Soon, this community will cease to exist because eviction notices were issued to all 1,500 Haitians in that area.

Basically, every Haitian home, church, and business will be gone!

Right next to Pigeon Pea is another Haitian settlement called "The Mud." It is home to more than 2000 Haitian families but it was built on state land.

Unfortunately, Haitian residents of "The Mud" may soon be evicted as well.

What will be the fate of these thousands of Haitians living in the Bahamas? God only knows!

This is one more reason why we really need to rebuild Haiti once and for all.

Perhaps all these desperate families who find themselves migrating and being humiliated in other parts of the world will be able to find shelter on the promised land.

Do you have any family in the Bahamas?

Do you live in the Bahamas and are you affected by this eviction notice?

Perhaps you have more information that you can share with us?

Post your comments below.

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Garry says...

I know a few Haitians from the Bahamas and they all hate Haitians.

one of them Every time refers Haitian as F'ng Haitians.

She even said that her daughter will not marry a Haitian.

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Ericka says...

wow....this is sad and and embarrasing

but don't worry...god has a good plan for haiti

tale konsa se yo menm kap pran batopu yo vin lakay

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Roseline says...

Woodring to tell u the truth i do not know what to say anymore.

haitian are suffering everywhere

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Guerlens Venet says...

pour moi seulement les autoriter Haitienne qui peux les aider mais nous avons plus ici en Haiti une fois pour toute les Haitien qui vive a l'interieur de son pays va prendre leur vie au serieux et mieux comprendre que:lakay se lakay) en dehors de votre maison n'est pas votre maison alors il faut que tout les haitien qui sont partout mettre la main sur la reconstruction de leur pour que nous tous retourner chez nous

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Jean Alix Jean-simon says...

I lived in the Bahamas, Freeport Grand Bahama, my friend i don't feel sorry for them, some of the people living in the Bahamas are not the true Haitian, people who don't know what they wants and where they wants to go, intead of fight for each other they are fighting agains each other, i tryed many times to help my friend, those people don't believe in leadership, they wants to get every thing for free, i tryed to represent but they go agains me, i have a radio show in freeport for more than five years 2005, i used to have it on cool 96 every saturday from 9 pm to 11 pm and sunday 8 pm to 11 pm they don't even want to listen to it, now i have it on love 97 north in freeport without their support, they don't care, they wants every thing to come easy for them, they don't believe in fight for your right, some of the people living in pigeon peas are born in the bahamas, they called themself haitian/bahamian, they don't want no one called them haitian, they think they are better than haitian, some times they said they are home, why they don't stand up for their right and the living condition is not at bahamian standard, electricity, running water, toilet inside, clean atmosphere and they are killing each other with power(kout poud) they need learders, the ambassador is a no good for nothing he don't care about the haitian in the bahamas only their money too bad, more bad news will come after the six months extention for earthquake, they will ask them to go home, no one stand yet to ask for more extention since haiti still in

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Berthauny Bernard says...

I live in Bahamas with my wife and two boys i feel sad when i just read this but only one thing those people they don't build in their proper right .I don't know if you know the haitian ambassador e-mail send this for him maybe he can try do something for our

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Kenol Aris says...

This is very sad.I wish at least that they are not living there illegally.That would worsen the

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Missakpase says...

i live in the bahamas i dont feel bad for them because some of them are to confortable on people land they need to learn how to stop making us look

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Hadassah says...

I live in the Bahamas and I still have family there and honestly I think that evicting those families is the best thing that can be done for them. The lack of running water, indoor plumbing, the lack of proper electrical wiring and other facilities makes it dangerous for the families themselves.

Drugs and prostitution as well as other gang activities are clearly visible and active.

They are squatters, when one house catches on fire it becomes a disaster and because of how the village is structured makes it difficult for the fire trucks to get in. When in rome do as the romans do, we need to learn to integrate and not segregate

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