1, Take The Lead, I Got Your Back!

Zero has a bad name, Zero has a very bad reputation, The "Have-Not", A nobody, a ZERO.

When you fail a test, you get a ZERO,

Everything that is happening in our beloved Haiti, most Haitians would call a "ZERO BARE"

Here is the truth about a ZERO:

  • It is the most misunderstood number in the pack.
  • A zero by itself is worth nothing.
  • 0 = 00 = 000 = 0000 = 00000000000 = ZERO!
  • ZERO multiplied by the greatest country, the biggest accomplishment, and the smartest person in the world equals ZERO.

a ZERO is NOT a Bad Number,
It's just a terrible leader!

In everything mentioned above, ZERO is the leader.


ZERO cannot lead in any equation, if it does, it will lead to ruin, failure, nothing worth more than itself, and everything it touches will always become a ZERO.


When a tiny little " 1 " stands up and takes the lead with just one "ZERO" standing behind it, the " 1 " becomes more powerful than 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, or 9.

As you can see, a ZERO is NOT a bad number, just a terrible leader.

Hey, ZERO... You Got My Back?

I just showed you how powerful a ZERO can make a tiny little " 1 " standing in front of it.

Just imagine how powerful " 1 " can be when 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ZEROS decide to stand behind him and not in front of him.

Just imagine what a powerful combination they will make when both ZEROs and 1's finally realize that they need each other to survive.

In a world where the 9's are running the show, it is in the best interest of ZERO to let " 1 " take the lead.

The " 1 "... To Serve and Protect!

It is in the interest of " 1 " to be a good leader and protect ZERO's interest.

" 1 " is very weak... but not when there are ZEROS standing right behind him.

If you think Haiti is a ZERO, just imagine how powerful Haiti can become if you decide to be the " 1 " standing in front of her.

Just imagine how powerful Haitian communities can become when every single ZERO understand their true purpose, to stand firmly behind the " 1 " and to never stand in front of him.

The " 1 " is always there but the " 1 " is weak.

The " 1 " will not assume any leadership position unless one or more zeros tell him to...

"Take the lead, we got your back!"

Scary isn't it?

If you're the " 1 " and you want to take the lead, make sure the ZEROs got your back.

Without the ZEROs, you're just a tiny little " 1 ". With all these 9's around, you will be a nobody by yourself... A ZERO.

"10" Can't Touch This!

With just one Zero standing behind the " 1 ", not even a " 9 " can touch this!

Always try to be the " 1 " but most importantly, know who the ZEROs are.

If you are a ZERO...

  • You need to know who you are.
  • You need to know that a ZERO is NOT a Nobody.
  • You need to know how powerful you are.
  • You have to power to destroy.
  • You have to power to build.
  • You have the pover to stand behind what you believe.
  • You have to power to choose your leader.
  • You have the power to move mountains.
  • All you have to do is KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
  • All you have to is ACCEPT the fact that you are a ZERO and stop pretending to be something you are not.

"9" You Greedy Manipulator!

If you are a ZERO, be very careful when " 9 " comes to you and asks you to stand in front or the " 1 ".

Let me tell you something about " 9 ".

The only thing more powerful than " 9 " is when ZERO stands right behind the " 1 ".

" 9 " will do everything to prevent that from happening.

So, ZERO...

I can be the " 1 " but ONLY if you got my back!

Stand in front of me and destroy us both

Stand behind me and and we can take over the world!

The power is in your hands, don't let a " 9 " or anybody tell you any different.

Written by Woodring Saint Preux, (c) 2005

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Topic says...

Very interesting, I'll certainly pass this one on....

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Topic says...

Thank you for your kind coments, you and everone who commented about it.

I am not a "Writer" I just write what I feel.

Thanks again

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Topic says...

Very impressive! This article really moved me. In fact, I had the opportunity to show it to a lot of student on campus in Reading, PA, the place where I live. After glancing through it, they realized that there is a lot that Haitians can do if one can come up with such a delightful piece of writing.

Hence, I am gonna try to find a way to make your voice heard in the community where I reside.

I am very proud of that. I am looking forward to learning more from your

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Topic says...

Good Evening Sir:

Well, lets just leave it at that. Good DAy to you

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Topic says...

Well my friend you can see no one is perfect.

You just made a mistake yourself and was it your falt?

"take is as you please" Take it as you please.

you are great don't take me wrong.

Let us move on my good man

lots of love to you

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Topic says...

Listen, I really didn't want to be out of line with my comment.

I was just trying to help. There is nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism.

So, take is as you please.

However, I will not apologize because i don't feel that i did anything wrong.


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Topic says...

Mr Wes,
Your comment was great and uplifting but sometimes thre is no need for critic.

This box doesn't have speling and grammar check.

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Topic says...

This was a great article.

Very empowering.

It really motivated me, thank you for it. As a matter of fact, I will print it out and share it with all the members of the Haitian Student Association at School.

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Topic says...

pourquio vous neux donne pas l'internet

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